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Well, today was rather on the dull side compared to the last week.  We simply went to the discount grocery store looking for shampoo of all things and they were sold out.  I instead bought $50+ in other items.  We have the most food in my house as I believe that I have ever had.  Nobody is starving here…..not that we were before.

Well, one of my purchases was Dark Chocolate M & M’s and so far they have worked.  I put a bowl of them in the bathroom and am now in the business of trading M & M’s for pee.  She has never been so excited to sit on the pot. I have set the ground rules like 1 M&M for a sit on the potty and 5 for actually producing.  I think I will double that for the number 2 in there.  LOL….  She can’t be crazy and go in and out sitting one the pot either, it has to be relatively realistic that results could be had.  LOL

So, since the store visit.  I have given out 15 M & M’s and she loves them.  She has dragged me in there 4 times without reward, just to point at the container they are in.  I told her she already had one and she is okay with that for a little bit.  So now my hope is that Adam will back me up on this and stick to the rules, oh and that he not eat the prizes so we run out.  LOL…. 

We also took a long dip in the 6 inch pool, well Kyra did.  I just dipped my feet today.  Kyra started out dressed, but it became skinny dipping within a few minutes.  She thinks of it as a bathtub in the backyard and who am I to argue this??  LOL… I kept telling her sit down the neighbors are going to see your heiney and she laughed.

We watched Law & Order reruns and she went to bed.  It was a beautiful day here today.  I didn’t even have the A/C on and it was okay in the house.