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  1. Is it easier for you to forgive or to forget?
  2. Do you believe people can change?
  3. Has life made you more cynical or more hopeful?


  1. It depends on the offense.  If I do the forgive way though you better believe you will know what you are being forgiven for.  If I do the forget way, you probably won’t here from me again.  I am terrible this way, it is crazy hard to become a close friend of mine and when I am betrayed, I just don’t have time for that person anymore.  It is super simple actually though.
  2. Yes, People can change but they have to want to change.  You can’t talk them into it.  There are tons of people that say they will change but that is just saying what you want to hear sometimes.  They have to for themselves want to change.
  3. I am hopeful and very much the anti-cynical.  I am the one that says you don’t mean that do you, when someone says something negative.

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