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Okay, so now I am officially single by my terms. 

I am having issues though as some of my married friends have been hitting on me.  They never did this when I was married and I am quite uncomfortable with it. 

On the same note, some of my married men friends have been afraid to visit with me because they don’t want to cause trouble.  You can not cause trouble with me because there is nobody for me to be in trouble from, so if your intentions are to just visit. Well, by all means.  Please come visit, bring your wife if you can.  I generally like visiting with wives as well.

If your intentions are not decent well I am not interested.  I couldn’t live with myself being “the other women”.  I am okay without a man honestly and I would much rather an available one…I am not much of a sneak.  Take a look around here if you don’t believe me.

If you are married respect your wife and don’t lie to her and sneak around, it is so hurtful.