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So, I woke up feeling all perky this morning, ready to take on the world. 

However, someone else seems to have gotten whatever this is.  Kyra has recovered with a vengeance and is playing with anything she can get her hands onto.  Adam has been drugging himself up all day trying to get rid of this.

Here is Kyra giving her dad a hug trying to make him feel better.

She is now mastering the mean face.  I guess I am teaching her.  LOL…   We go back and forth making strange faces at each other, she can really tell you her mood just with a face though.  It is amazing.  I bet most kids learn this skill with talking though, body language is such an important skill.

She called me out as Ma today.  She usually calls for Dad, but not mom.  We were playing and she closed the door to the bedroom on me and I pretended to be trying to get out by putting my fingers under the door.  She went screaming “Ma Ma” to Adam.  It was great.  

We cleaned the aquarium today.   This is a picture of Kyra beside it while we were refilling it.  After that we took our shower and on with our day.

I was supposed to get my hair done tonight, but the stylist never came.  I was all looking forward to it though.  I am getting a relaxer put in my hair to make it less curly.  I don’t know what happen yet, but she had better reschedule quickly or I will be to Wal*mart which I hate to get my hair cut.

I got quite a few posts done for blogtheinternet today and a few things on my other web project.

Everything seems to be looking good.  I am off to do something else.  Bye….