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20070602_02308pWell, here is my little niece, Haley.  Oh my goodness is she big and cute.  She is now almost as big as Kyra.  She is 4 1/2 months younger than Kyra.  She looks very much like her mom.  She enjoys looking at me.

20070602_03308pShe is very adventurous and very outgoing.  Her personality is so different from my Kyra.  She talks a ton and is more go go go than Kyra even though I had thought Kyra was go go go.  I now realize that Kyra is nothing in that department. 

Kyra will reluctantly start jumping on the air mattresses for example and Haley runs up to the mattresses and falls face first. 

Haley would go down the water slide and laugh and laugh.  I had to go down with Kyra and she screamed.  Kyra liked floating in the water up to her neck a lot more, so we basically relaxed while Haley was going up and down that slide laughing and laughing.  Kyra was laughing and smiling too, but by basically doing nothing. 

20070602_03008pHaley would come to me happily, but Kyra is reluctant to go to my brother.  She is pretty much connected with her mom and dad.

They both are equally happy about animals and our cat entertained Haley for a bit as well.  They are both sort of scared of the goat making her baa’s and it surprises me of Kyra she hears it daily.  Both Haley and Kyra cling to us though in the barn.

Well, that is all for now.  I have more pictures later though.  My brother is coming back on Tuesday too (He went to one of his friends houses in VA for a couple days.), so both these little girls are going to be on here for at least the week.