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20070607_08407pSo today, I didn’t pick up my camera.  It was pretty dull basically.  I am going to instead show you the wheat pictures that I took yesterday and the cows that will probably eat the wheat and the milk the cows produce will be turned into Land O’Lakes butter and maybe you could pick some up at your local store.

So, we have been having a silent chair dilemma here.  Stan has to have a chair with his feet elevated, but he likes straight back rocking chair style chairs and not reclining position.  He passed this gene onto his son too, they both don’t like reclining.  Weird aren’t they….

20070607_08707pAnyways, it is next to impossible to find a chair that sits straight up and also reclines.  Yes, very straight up…we tried out about 30 chairs.  So there is a chair shop down the road where he makes chairs in his shop.  We ordered a custom made chair that is a glider type with a recline thing that comes out.  The chair was $504 after taxes, but well worth it in my opinion because now Stan can sit upright in his preferred position and have his feed elevated like his doctor says he should.

20070607_09107pSo, today we got that orders and paid for and the maker will bring it in two weeks with his horse and buggy.  The bonus is we can pet his horse.  LOL…

We also finally opened a checking account for Stan down here.  His previous bank isn’t located down here, so our bank offers a free checking account to seniors.  Stan got one of those and we deposited his check of which we spent most of. 

20070607_09607pHe also has this agency that comes and does stuff for him.  They just transferred all of it to down here.  They help him like clean his feet, change his bed sheets, well, just about anything he wants them to do for him.  He has had a care giver come now twice, the girl is a real nice lady.  I am really impressed with this service though.  The owner of the company came here yesterday and was asking about stuff for him.  I wasn’t here, so I didn’t see her.  Today, a nurse came to see him.  I guess the law is that a nurse has to see him every 90 days.

Well, oh my, this lady was so sweet.  She was talking to me about food and diabetic stuff.  I learned so very much, we were in my cupboards reading labels.  I feel so much better about having Stan eat here.  I thought I had to cut out most carb’s from his diet and was really dreading eating only meat and dairy because yeah right.  I am going to cook two meals, get real. 

Well, here is my new baseline rule and it seems like I do eat pretty good with this rule.  For every 5 grams of carb’s, I need one gram of dietary fiber.  We shouldn’t do any partially hydrogenated oils and no high fructose corn syrup.  Well, I can eat those bad things, but Stan can’t and really all of us shouldn’t.

This means that Stan can even eat some of our box meals if we put an extra can or package of vegetables in which we always do.  He can also eat pretty sweet things like small portion of baked beans, which I was thinking was totally out.  He can eat sweet potatoes which are a favorite by us, but he shouldn’t eat white potatoes.

Anyways, I do pretty good.  She told me to not be hard on myself and just do a few things at a time and he will be fine.  However, after looking at my food and hearing her.  I think I will be even better.  So we are looking for whole wheat more like the cows here.  LOL…

We than finally got his medications which took over 2 days to get called in from the doctors, but is partially our faults.  He should have got them when he was at the doctors, but he didn’t.  So what is a diabetic without any insulin??  He had one shot left and we would have been out, so we cut it way too close.  We won’t do that again.  We ran in late to the pharmacy and got those, so now I feel better on that.

Now as for me….it was a productive first day of summer and I did sleep in from my time of leaving.  I didn’t sleep that long though, so should sleep longer tomorrow.  I am off to bed now… Good Night…

Oh yeah, but how do you like the wheat photos?  Aren’t they sort of neat looking?