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So, I am still on the medicine four times a day.  It basically makes me sick a few hours ever time that I take it, so about 8 hours a day I am sick.  All for my darn toe… sometimes I think it is getting better, but others I don’t think it is getting better.  It still isn’t perfect that is for sure, and I only have 1 day left of this.  Woo Hoo..

Well, yesterday.  I think I only spent 5-10 minutes at my computer all day.  I just felt terrible on top of the times that I usually feel bad with this medicine.

I was so sick in the night, that I was in the bedroom and closed the door with Kyra in there and all the toys and I laid on the bed.  This knowing she was okay if I did fall asleep.  Well, wouldn’t  you know…I have the perfect angel of a child.  She crawled up into my arms and we both feel to sleep.  This was 7 o’clock well over an hour before her bed time.  It was just amazing.

It was wonderfully warm yesterday, maybe even to warm.  I was liking it though.  So we were out at the barn early for quite some time.  Caramel is getting quite friendly and quite big as well.  She is getting her horns in, so sometime soon she is going to get her head burnt…blah.  I don’t like that this is done, but I also don’t like that with horns they ruin our fence even more than without them.  So, since she is staying here probably her whole life.  She will have her head burned.  The little boy though won’t be getting his done.  He is going to the market next month, so that can be his next owners deal if they choose.

My school routes went as smooth as they ever do.  The kids seem to have calmed down slightly which is good.

Anyways, yesterday was an awesome weather wise, but terrible sick wise.  Today is starting off less good weather wise, but more spring like, so lovely.  I still am not feeling up to peak and with tomorrow being my last medicine day hopefully Friday will be a great day.  Maybe I can get Adam to take me to lunch to celebrate no more medicine day.  LOL…