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It has been basically an uneventful few days. There is only one whole week of school left and 2 partial weeks, so I am not really prepared for summer yet. I wish I had a few more weeks of pay to get ready.

Here is Kyra this morning though, she is happy as can be. We had chocolate milk like we do every morning. She likes this little sheep stuffed animal. I woke up early at our normal 6 am time, so that she will be tired while I drive to Altoona to meet my brother (Jason), his wife (Missy) with my niece (Haley). This will be the first time I see Haley since January. She was born in December, so a lot has changed with her I am sure. Babies get cuter as they get older, at least in my opinion.

I thought they were going to come all the way to my house, but they asked yesterday if I would meet them. I ,of course, will. I really want to see them. I am going to miss seeing Lauren all dressed up for her first formal though, oh well. She will look beautiful, but I think she looks beautiful in blue jeans too. I know she has been studying hair styles and braiding techniques for months even getting bridal techniques down.

Well, I am going. I will be back later though with new pictures.