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Darn, it was a holiday even for the state.  I was hoping that they would be open for the department of assessment.  I was hoping that I could get Stan’s Medicaid figured out today.  Well, they were closed.  I am going to attempt to do it tomorrow now, but people tell me that it sometimes takes hours, so I have to drive and won’t miss my bus routes, so we will leave if it runs that late.  I had today off though and a job in that I couldn’t take Kyra for anyways, so away we went to check out the offices.  We loose.

We got out TV’s upgraded today to have 2 TV’s in our house and we got a DVR set up on both of them.  Oh, we are in technology heaven. 

I learned that Stan watches some shows you would never have predicted him to watch, like for example.  He watches “Gilmore Girls”.  Yeah, who would have guessed.  He watches of course “Young and the Restless”, I have said this before.  When he worked on the farm everyday he came in for lunch and watched it with his wife.  I think he is one of the original viewers.  Now, him and Adam watch it together, so it is sort of sweet.

He also seems to like the Real World Challenges on MTV that I like which surprised me.  I told him I would watch it on the other TV and he was like “No”, that is okay.  It is pretty good.  LOL….

We were outside taking photos today.  I slipped the macro lens on which I rarely do and took some close shots, like that weed there.  I like close shots but they are hard to get clear.  This one is a simple clover flower, but I like it.

Kyra was picking dandelions.

I also took some of my rock collection.  This is one of the coolest pieces that I have.  It is calcite, but the crystals are big and I think it looks pretty neat looking.

Kyra is always trying to get us to sit on the stairs and play with her.  This is the hand patting the spot beside her meaning come sit by me.  Isn’t that sweet?  LOL…

She is getting so smart.  She knows her ABC’s, I think but can’t say them all.  You start her off with A and she will go Beee Ceeee Ooooo Deee Ooooo Ahhhh, like she is singing them, but never right except those first two.  It is really cute though.

She can count too, but she doesn’t know it.  When we drive by cars in the bus, she goes Car 1, Car 2, Car 3…she only goes to 5 or so and then starts over, so I have to start going higher with her.

Someone told me that they use alphabet flash cards with there baby, so I want to get some of those.  I might help her learn some stuff.  They like lay them all out and say “Where is the _________?” and the little one finds it.

Anyways, that was today.  It was rather uneventful, but it was fun.  Tomorrow is back to work with 7 days left.

Oh, and I learned my brother, his wife, and Haley are coming down this weekend, so that will be good.

Well, Good Night…