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Today was a great day. I did wake up feeling like a new person like I had hoped I would. I think the sudden change in temperature is what brings on my headaches. I learned that Cathy was sick all day yesterday with close to the same thing I was feeling.

We got the grill out today and cooked up some round steaks and burgers. Kyra had her first steak. She is walking like 10-15 steps now, so woo hoo on her. She is doing so great. It makes me think of the night that she learned to roll. She rolled more that night than I thought was possible. I kept resetting her to the right of the room. She learned to roll only going in the left direction, so she would roll to the end and than I would have to reset her. LOL…. She is now doing that with walking, just keeps getting up and trying to go again. She is really quite a little ham. It is funny.

I am trying to let her eat more and more real food. She is doing so well with that too. She is quite the eater.

I went over the the neighbors and saw Olivia for the first time. She is a baby that was born 7 days after Kyra. They couldn’t look any different. She is short and more heavy set, but weighs less. She has dark hair and likes sitting a lot. Kyra would never sit like that.

Well, that is that for today. We are going to bed here. Only 7 more days of school though.