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Merry Christmas everyone!  Yeah, I know I am late on here, but that is generally how it works with me.  I write old news.  LOL…

My Christmas was great.  I have lots of photos of Kyra opening her gifts, but I forgot my camera at Stephen’s house, so I have to get it tonight.  I guess I didn’t really forget it as all my gifts are there too.  I just didn’t go back there last night.  I came home and went to bed.

I ended up drinking a little too much with his grandma and was very tired, so bed was the best option.

Anyways, we had a great day.  Tom, Shirley, and Brittany came over in the morning and we opened our gifts with them.  Kyra was sick of opening gifts after about 10, so she still has gifts unopened.  She figured out that the green ones were all toys, so she opened them first and left all the clothes ones.  It was cool though.

We went to Stephen’s house after and opened there.  We left there and went to Stephen’s grandma’s, we ate dinner of turkey and all that stuff.  I left there and walked home.  Kyra and I were home a few hours.

We than went to Stephen’s other grandma’s.  Kyra hadn’t taken a nap yet, so she fell asleep on the way and basically stayed out for the rest of the night.  She woke only a short time and I just held her and she went back to sleep.

Kyra was wonderful all day though, she is an amazing girl that is for sure.  She is so smart and her little mind is expanding so much everyday.  She gets smarter and smarter.  I am so glad that I have her. 

So for Christmas ultimately I got a pedicure gift certificate, a silk house coat, a bracelet, and a sweatshirt.  Kyra got way to much to type, but she got about 9 outfits from Santa.  My parents got her Mr. Potato, a toy electric guitar, some cereal and some clothes.  Adam got her a pair of boots and a tee ball set.  Stephen got her 309 blocks, which is what I told him to get.  We have enough to write sentences out now.  She got other things too….a lot of other things.

It was a great Christmas for us.  I’ll show you pictures later.