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Let me start off with last night again. Kyra ended up waking up just minutes after I finished my post. She threw up on the bed, so we immediately washed the sheets. We got up than and were up for quite a while. Adam was so tired and Kyra wouldn’t let him sleep, so we went driving around. We came back at 1:00 and ultimately got in bed about 2 after putting the sheets back on. Than we were up again at about 6, but Adam took charge of that one and we managed., today as you mostly already know. I stayed home. We had a fancy Christmas breakfast of pancakes and ham. (Instead of the dinner that was planned because Andy had to leave.) continued to be not quite perfectly feeling, but she didn’t vomit at all today. She seems to be improving as the day goes as well, so that is good. Here she is with her shirt clean, fresh this morning just before breakfast.…here she is this evening quite dirty from an exciting Christmas day of food, playing, and chocolate kisses. Those chocolate kisses get her every time…she just drewls chocolate, but she loves them. It is Christmas and she isn’t feeling perfect, so can’t deny things today. parents got her this tricycle, so thanks to them. She has a tricycle not quite like this already, so she knows how they work. She doesn’t reach the pedals yet, so was sort of scooting herself a long with her feet. I love the baby in the basket though. She is so creative huh?? LOL…

Santa brought her quite a few things, a lot of bath toys though and a lot of clothes. There were some Lego’s and one of those magnet writers in there too.

Our cousins’ got her a stuffed Merry Christmas bear. My grandma got her a pair of pajamas. So now she is set.

Oh, we played with all the toys today….we played and played. Andy went home pretty early. We just pretty much played the rest of the day. It is terrible rainy weather outside, so it was an inside play day.

Kyra went to bed right on her normal time not a minute early not a minute late 8 pm. Woo Hoo….

I talked to my grandma and some of my cousins wished them Merry Christmas and now I am about to go to bed myself as normal.

Night…. Merry Christmas…