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Well, for the last few days. I have been missing in action, so much has been going on that I can’t keep up.

I went to doctors yesterday for my stomach pain. He sent me to have blood work and an ultrasound of my stomach where the pain is. He thinks it may be a cyst on the top of one of my ovaries, but we will see. So I went this morning and got the blood work part done. Other people have told me that they had cysts like this too and they just let them dissolve. I guess I am not getting to worked up. I just want my stomach to quit hurting. I had a blood work order for Kyra from July to check her hemoglobin and lead levels, so we went ahead and had that done too. It sucked, but she was pretty good only crying for a few minutes. went to eat at Hardee’s afterwards. I was starving as I had to fast for 12 hours, but I did more like 16. We went to the feed store after that and got goat food. I also got 2 algae eaters from there. It is this one of them. I took the picture right after I put it in my tank. is another one of my fish. This is my Red Molly. It is the one of the males in my tank. I sell the baby mollies and am trying to get more orange colored ones born. My mother’s are sort of dull in the color department. They have more fancy fins which I what I like too. Now, I should be able to get some orange babies with fancy Lyre fins and tail. I haven’t had to much luck with this so far, my newest babies look pretty boring in color.

We came home Kyra was sleeping. We packaged and got all the Christmas cards ready to be mailed (We got them yesterday.), so they won’t be late. They do however suck. The picture isn’t very good at all. The white is more like yellow. I hate them. There isn’t time to redo them though, so they go as is. I guess that people will like them no matter what Kyra is pretty cute even in yellow. I am mailing 58 cards out. finished decorating the tree than after all that. Here is what it looks like with all the bulbs. I didn’t have to buy anything. I had enough in my Christmas storage bin that I have been collecting over the years. It mostly just has plastic balls on it, but there is the Ornament from Kyra’s Christmas last year. We got her a new one for this year, but she isn’t getting it til Christmas day. I only bought that icicle stuff and some beads for it. Oh, and hooks. Our bulbs and stuff didn’t have hooks on them yet. I now have enough hooks to decorate 6 trees though.

I really like this tree and having it this year. It smells so good and it so pretty. It does make it seem more Christmasy…(is that a word??)

The cat seems to like the tree too. She is sleeping under the table that it is on quite frequently lately. Diamond is looking the best she has through her whole life so far. She has put on some weight and really looks healthy and nice. Her fur is really thick for the winter. She is spending more and more time outside though. have the most beautiful weather for December here lately. This is Kyra outside playing ball with us. She really enjoys being outside and is always wanting to go outside. She puts her shoes on all by herself and gets her coat for us to take her outside. I guess it is bigger outside with all that space to roam. She like the goats too. She can sort of say the word goat. She lacks in the pronunciation of the T at the end. She sort of say Goah. She says “Ball” pretty clearly though. She is getting to babbling tons. She never was a babbler when she was smaller. She is very silent, but all of a sudden she isn’t so silent. It is great though. likes spinning while she is out there, this is basically walking in a circle. It is however pretty fun for her. Round and round and round she goes…until eventually she is dizzy and falls over. She then starts over again. was out there too. He looks pretty nice today. He got his hair cut yesterday, so it is especially short. He won’t grow it at all. He always looks really clean cut though, so I guess this is good.

When we came in we cleaned the aquarium. We have that down to a science and it only takes like 10 minutes. We got a hose that we put across the kitchen to fill it with. That saves a lot of time.

Well, that is all for today. Oh one other thing…I finished my orientation, so I should be eligible for my new job here soon. I am all excited about this. I did give my notice that I am quitting my kindergarten route as of next year. My boss was like “Okay, no problem” that was it. I was nervous for nothing. I get to keep my other routes and more importantly my nice bus. Yeah, sad huh?? I put my nice bus over my the kids on my route. I believe all routes have good kids though, but not all routes have a nice bus. Well, mine has both and I get to keep both. Woo Hoo….

Any ways…that is my day and my update. Bye….