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Well, yesterday was just a usual dull day.  I cleaned some, recaught up on laundry, all those good around the house type things.  Kyra is getting better at her V-smile, so we played the Thomas the Train game on that thing for a long while.  She doesn’t know what she is doing, but she likes driving the train which is cool.

We also did a whole lot of jumping on the beds.  Does that ever get old??  It is pretty fun even for me.

We though then went to the middle school band concert, the one they played Christmas music with their instruments.  Oh were they good.  I was seriously trying to watch, but Kyra was comical.  She was dancing and shaking her little body the whole time.  I ended up mostly laughing and smiling at her and not really watching the band, just listening to them.  They were wonderful though especially for such a young group…this was all 6th grade.

I was in band in school and well…. I know my band sucked way more than this one, especially when I was in the 6th grade.  I think we started to get good in the 9th grade, so these are 3 years ahead of me that is for sure.

We left their and went to Stephen’s, Kyra immediately went to sleep.  We watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 of which I haven’t seen 1 or 2, so it was good.  I have some catch up to do though now.  I seen the end…LOL. 

We came home from there and went immediately to bed.  I slept all the way to the alarm this morning and now am almost ready to leave for my bus routes.  I have an interview at noon today, so wish me luck…