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20071010_00208a I don’t think this Barbie had a prayer, do you???  I guess I have to go buy some chew toys.

I don’t know if this goes under mischief, but I had kids misbehaving, so I moved one student to the front seat.  When the student that normally sits in that seat got on, I asked him to sit 2 seats back in seat 5.  Oh my goodness, he started punching himself and crying like I was torturing him.  It took me probably a good 2 minutes to get him to sit in seat 2 the seat right behind me.  I guess I won’t be changing his seat around again.  Oh my goodness…. It was found also that my bus had a coolant leak this morning, so I had to take the substitute bus.  This bus isn’t as bad as the one I had last time though and I should have my bus back tomorrow.

20071010_00408a When did she learn to do this??  I don’t do this.  Honest, I don’t.  I think Stan has been teaching her because I know I haven’t.

20071010_01310a We took Stan to a private diabetic counseling session today and to give blood for some lab work.  They have the fountain in the building.  Is it normal for kids to do laps of the fountain.  She wasn’t that bad though, she didn’t splash or jump in.  Both of which are things I could see her doing, especially seeing how today has been going.


20071010_01411a Now, just exactly how do you drink your milk out of the cup holder directly??  She must have worked the whole way home on getting her milk out of the sippy cup with the stop spill thing in and transferred into the cup holder one little splash at a time.

Oh, there are some non-mischievous things though.  She now says her own name.  Yes, she had been saying “Ky” for a very long time when she referred to herself.  She now says the full “Kyra” which is wonderful.  So, very exciting… She is really developing quite a sense of language.  It is so fun to hear and see her learning now.  She picks up about everything going on around her.  The kids on the bus though are a huge influence.

20071010_01706p  We also went to the rock club meeting tonight.  I learned just how easy Kyra was, she lets you hold her with just a few pretzels.  The funny thing is when the pretzels run out, she comes right back to mom.   This girl is new to the club though and I can tell Kyra has a new instant friend as well.  Kyra was very good even though very tired, she was only slightly disruptive asking Tom to pay attention to her a few times.  She went almost immediately to sleep when we got home.  I will as well, as soon as I hit that bed over there.

Have a great mischievous night.  Sleep tight, good night.