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Here she is, she isn’t crying. She is screaming for me to come back and play with her. What a spoiled girl…

I had a splintering headache today and I think Kyra knew it. She took a real good nap for me at a really unusual time for both of us. I think she is a bit sore too though with her teeth cutting through. The inside of her mouth even looks sore, but she is strong and not fussing to much. I am really proud of her, as I hear about other little ones that go crazy at this time in there lives.

Adam forgot his lunch today, so we drove and met him at Johnny’s with it. We than went to the mall and walked around for a bit. I bought myself a new shirt, so now I have 3 short sleeve shirts that fit me well. I can’t believe that I don’t fit the ones from before I got pregnant, but I can’t. The shirts are too small and the pants are too big, so I am in terrible shape with my wardrobe. I bought winter stuff around Christmas time, but now I need more summery type so another shopping spree is in order. I think we have decided it will happen on the 17th there is no school, so I don’t have to work and Adam has off Monday’s. I think the outlets will be so busy though that I am second guessing that will be a good day. We will see I guess.

There is a dog show at the Farm Show Complex this weekend. I am surprised my grandparents aren’t going to go to it. I wish they would, so I could get some better pictures of them. I don’t think I will be going. I guess they won’t come on Easter weekend. That is sort of a dumb weekend for a show.

I am going to see if it lets me put a second photo in the same post, that would be so cool if it works.

This is a morning dove that was under our feeder this morning right after the Blue Jay’s of the earlier post left.

Oh this is so so cool that it will let me do this.

Well, I am off to bed now. Night…