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Today is going way to fast. Here is Kyra sleeping though. We have her on the pillow so we can keep the bedroom door closed to the air conditioning. It keeps it way cooler in here that way.

We went to the gym and Adam worked out while me and Kyra played in the kids room. I went to the school district finally and had my elementary route changed so that I won’t be stuck in traffic this year. Woo Hoo…. I am looking forward to school starting, but don’t tell any kids I said that. It is different for me though, next summer will be so different. I won’t be so darn broke.

I have to work tonight. I am taking fans with me. I am going to get the AC into that kitchen. It will be nice and cool. I was so hot last week that my butt was sweating while I was sitting and doing crosswords. It was crazy. I can’t handle that again. I will go nuts..

Well, that is that for now. Bye…