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I got more merchandising jobs which is great.  I will be busy more this summer.  Plus these get me out of my house.

I now have the stores I had previously which are:

  1. Sears
  2. Staples
  3. Staples Warehouse
  4. 1 Walmart

Now, I have these added:

  1. Circuit City
  2. 2 Walmart’s
  3. Office Max
  4. Staples
  5. Kmart

Now these are the jobs that I do like bi-weekly and some even quarterly, so although this looks like a whole lot.  It isn’t as much as you would think. 

The really cool thing is that they pay a set price unless you go over the time which you can request extra time added.  They also pay a gas mileage, which is good as this goes up and down some with the price of gas.

This also mostly means I will be even less broke this summer.  I have a great summer in the makings here.