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Here probably isn’t the best picture I have ever took, but don’t they look happy?? Kyra is rolling on the bed, just laughing and laughing.

Today was a good day. I called both my grandparents this morning and wished them “Happy Mother’s Day’s”. They both seemed in good spirits. I called my brother, to wish his wife a “Day”, but she was at work. How unfair that seems, but someone has to work.

Adam and I went to town than after that. I got a frier from him, but I got to pick it out of course. I got a really nice one though at Ross. I am going to try it out tomorrow. My old frier broke a leg and didn’t seem to cook as well while sitting sort of crooked. I got an omelet cooker thing while I was in the appliance isle too. It was only $7.00, so we will see how that works. I love a good omelet though, so maybe it will be well worth the dollars. I know I love my sandwich cooker and that was one of these cheaper appliances. I probably use it once a week at least.

We than went out to eat at Red Robins. We both like there food. Kyra ate a lot, I thought she would never stop. We were both sitting waiting for her to finish. LOL…. She had some of everything.

We than went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts, the store just opened and I have never been in one. That is a really neat store. I think I am glad they are there. They have a whole section of cake decorating stuff, which is cool. I never liked the selection at Walmart of that stuff. They had another whole section of just paint brushes, amazing…..I didn’t know there were so many different kinds.

Than we went to Pier One which is next door. I had never been in there either. They seemed pretty expensive, but had some interesting things. It is a good store to get that little gift for the person whom you have no idea what to get.

Old Navy of course is next door to that, have to stop there. I think I love that store. I could only buy clothes there and be totally satisfied with my wardrobe. I think every pair of jean that I own I got there. They seem to fit me the best. I got two shirts with nothing on them. I got two onsie outfits for Kyra too, both with nothing on them. Adam got a “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt. I bought the printer iron on transfer paper though, so I am going to put Iron On sayings on the shirts for me and on Kyra’s Onies. I think I am just going to put her name on hers. I don’t know what on mine, but I will find something.

We went to Target than…. all these stores just opened like last month, so we hadn’t made it out before. We bought a huge frisbee, a cloth kickball, and Adam some underwear in Target. We seem to always pop the kickballs from Walmart, so maybe this one will last longer with the cloth protecting the outside. I liked the frisbee to maybe play with the kids that I am baby sitting this summer. It is something that even pretty young kids can play. This frisbee is made of fabric and very soft also very colorful.

We than came home after all this.

We were outside playing ball with the neighbor kids and I was playing with Kyra in the yard. She is funny as now she will crawl on the grass. She wouldn’t a week ago.

I came inside and worked for a bit on cleaning in the basement. I listed some of my old shoes on eBay. I need to get rid of some I have some that I haven’t worn in years. I will toss most, but the nicer ones hopefully will sell, so I don’t have to throw them away. Adam and Kyra were playing on the bed while I was photographing the shoes, that is where this picture here came from.

Now Kyra is in bed and I am typing on here. I will be going to bed as soon as this posts. Time flies sometimes. Night…..