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It was a normal Sunday except one thing. Both Kyra and I slept in…amazing huh? I thought so too.

We stayed home today for the most part, but I wanted to go out to eat at the new Friday’s about 40 minutes away. Adam didn’t so he decided to take me to the Toll Gate Restaurant which is really close to our house. Well, they were closed so we ended up going to Wendy’s, yeah sad comparison. I have said before that I live in the fast food capital and it is true. There is only one restaurant with real food in our town. Wendy’s pretty much sucked and we came home.

The Wendy’s was almost out of ketchup, which we found amazing. We have 2 jugs extra in our cabinets just because it doesn’t go bad all that fast and well you never know when a good bit of ketchup will be used. I would imagine if I owned a fast food restaurant about the only thing that would never run out would be ketchup. LOL…

Baby Talking to Self with 2 cell phonesHere is a picture of Kyra talking to herself, like I was trying to get the other day.

Marks in Carpet where aquarium used to sitAquarium in KitchenWe cleaned and moved the aquarium back to in the kitchen. I like it in the kitchen the best. It is easier to clean in the kitchen and makes me want to be in the kitchen more as I like looking and messing around with my fish. We lined it up better this time though, so the filter system will not be touching the wall. I had it all wrong in here before the kitchen was redone.

Kyra is now going through 2 totally different bed time routines. She does one cry and go mad when Adam is home and the peaceful happy to go to bed when just boring ol’me is home. Well, tonight is the Adam version. However, he seems to be keeping the crying down, by showing her YouTube Videos of cats doing crazy stuff. It is pretty cute. She is watching it actually. I think she is going to go to sleep right in his arms.

Well, that is all for today. I am going to bed soon. Bye…