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Yeah that is me.  I love my site, but today and the last few days have just been stressful.  I usually come to this site for stress relief, but I also bring out the positive parts of my days, for the memories you know.

Well, Adam has brought it out that he would like to move.  This is move closer to his work which we live almost an hour away from now.

I am really having mixed feelings on this. 

It is like I love this house.  I have been getting it to be just perfect for me.  I mean the kitchen is custom done with rocks that me and my friends have collected.  It is wonderful to just be in there anymore.  I love walking outside and just feeling the complete calmness of being here.

I on the other hand understand what he is talking about and I want him to be happier if that is what it takes, well…it can’t be that bad.  I am 100% sure I would get a school bus route up there.  They are very short on drivers where they aren’t down here so much.  They pay a lot better up there to drivers too.  There are other jobs too though, so if I needed a “real” job.  I could get one where as where I am now….I can’t get very many jobs.

If we do move, we will be into more urban area and pretty much in town.  I have basically never lived in town, so that makes me a bit nervous as well.

There is a pretty big nature park close to where Adam works and I like visiting that, so that would probably become my new local park.  I also sort of know my way around up there from when I drove the old people. 

I won’t have a support system though in place like I do here.  I know here that if needed, Kyra has a place where someone will watch her on short notice.  I know that if my car breaks down, someone will help me out.  It is predictable here…I will be say 40 minutes from this established support.

So, here is the steps we have decided to follow and nothing is set in stone.  We are getting our house appraised to know the value to see if we can even begin to afford to move.  Housing is more expensive where we would be going, but this house has surely gained quite a bit of value while we have lived here.  It will be nice to sort of know on top of that.

We will think about this value and probably look at a few houses in our price range after this.

We will than have to decide if this is going to happen or not…

I feel really bad on top of this that we are taking Stan along for a ride.  I think he just got settled here and off we go to someplace new to us all.  Aaaahhhhh!  I guess we will all make it though, so I should be stressed.  I am just going with the flow of life and this is true to life as you never know, right??  LOL….

Well, that is all for today.  I am going to bed.  It is all too much thinking.