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I don’t want to turn this site negative, so I won’t disclose some of the details described on a another page that I am having a slight dispute with the owner.  I am going to make a maybe useful post.

I am going to show you the 6 clicks that it takes to use a second account on your Amazon Account. 


  1. Start at your associates central page.
  2. Click Your Account at the top.
  3. That will bring you to this page, than you click on Manage Your Tracking ID’s.
  4.     That will bring you to this page.  Click Ad Tracking ID.
  5.  That will bring you to this page, add what you want your new ID to be.  I put yousuck and hit search.
  6. Well, it was available, so that was all.  

There you have it.  Now you are the owner of two Amazon Affiliate Accounts.  You can track and manage them as separate accounts.  There is no qualifications to have Amazon accounts and you can have basically as many as you would like.  Amazon has almost no requirements before you get an account as well, so it is a great affiliate account for new internet users.

Now, if you are coming here from the page with my whole public dispute on it.  Well, this is what I am asking for because an agreement was made that the proceeds from one account would be split with me.  If that account is making zero dollars like is proclaimed then why bother using it for further advertising??  You can start a new one and leave me knowing that the account for which I wrote owes me nothing.

Instead, I am being cut off which looks to me highly suspicious and very untrustworthy.  Especially because the solution is a simple 6 clicks.

I hope you learned a little about Amazon accounts.  They are a very good way to make a little extra income.