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Wow!  My 30th year was really full of changes as I reflect on it.  I am grateful for most of them though.  I am now hoping that my 31st year will be a year of calm.  My job seems settled, my relationships seem settled, my life over all is pretty settled. Kyra is actually settled too.  She pretty much knows the rhythm of her life.

For my birthday, Stephen’s mom, sister and grandmother took me and Kyra out to dinner.   Stephen and his dad are fishing in Baltimore for the weekend, so it was just us ladies.  It was really nice.  We went to Ruby Tuesday’s.  The salad bar there is so good.  Yum…

Robin was having a party, but it sort of fizzled out when the rain storm hit.  They are all down in her house, but the bon fire is not started and some went home, like Kyra and me.