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It rained as it always does on my birthday.  Yes, there has only been one year in my 30 years of life that it didn’t rain at the place I was on my birthday.  This year no exception…April showers almost always occur on the 25th.

Two years ago before I had this site.  I took a trip to Illinois on my birthday and it was a beautiful day that day here at my house.  It was of course raining where I was in Illinois.  LOL…. 

I just plan for rain.  It will be beautiful again tomorrow.

Anyways….I luckily like rain and it was a rather refreshing rain today.

I did my morning routes and didn’t feel to good after I got back.  I laid down with sort of a headache and took an hour nap.  This is really strange for me as I am not a big napper.  I woke up still feeling slightly strange, so I sort of moped around.  I didn’t think to much about it being my birthday.  I did my afternoon routes and it went smooth.

We went to Waynesboro to do my one job.  They didn’t have the stuff I was looking for, so I basically didn’t have anything to do and that makes it a wasted trip.  I have to go back probably next week, but who knows.

We went to dinner at Ryan’s.  They made money off of me surely.  I had only one plate.  A piece of pizza, a burger, and a piece of corn on the cob.  I got some potato salad too, but it was disgusting, so didn’t eat that.  I don’t know why, but I wasn’t feeling oh so hungry.  Oh well, I can live a month off one of my butt cheeks probably, so no hard feelings on that.

This is where the day turns exciting.  LOL….  I had one last job at Sears.  I seem to get this job every 2 weeks to do, the same survey.  I pretty much know the answers before I go in.  I walked around did my little survey.

They have this big clearance bin in the center isle with all the digital cameras in it.  Now, I have been looking for a small camera that I can put in my pocket and carry around.  My current camera the Sony R1 weighs over 2 lbs.  It is a great camera, but for hiking, plus carrying Kyra.  It is really big.

I got this camera now….for my birthday.  It is a Samsung S1000.  It is super light and I can put it in my cargo pocket of most of my pants.  So, if you thought I had a lot of pictures on this site before….look out.  LOL…  This little camera will take video too, so I may even get a few little video clips on here.

If I like this camera enough, I may even consider getting rid of my R1, which I do love…however the size and heaviness are getting obsolete and I should have a SLR if I am going to have that combination of size/heaviness.  I may as well throw a couple lenses in and really carry some things.  The R1 lens is great though and over all it can do so many things.

Anyways, I am excited to get this neat little camera.  Finally…I can just pop it into my pocket and take it anywhere.  Woo Hoo….

Here is the first picture I took with it.  Mind you, it is completely dark out and Kyra is about to go to sleep and we aren’t even home from the store yet.  LOL….. I think this is pretty good for basically no light.  My R1 couldn’t do this in no light.  It is a camera that really likes light.

Anyways, that was my day.  It was almost like any other day.  Oh, my brother did call me and wish me a Happy Birthday.  It was nice.  My other brother’s birthday is in 2 weeks, so I have to get my card ready now.  I didn’t really expect a call from him though.  He is busy with his little life.

Good Night….