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20070601_01104pAir Mattresses Ready  Well, it is the last Friday of school.  Woo Hoo!  My brother is coming tonight, so I am posting here a bit earlier than usual.  He should be here any minute actually.  We are ready with the air mattresses all pumped up and tested for stability.  They have sheets and blankets now too.

Kyra really enjoys jumping on these.  It makes her laugh and laugh.  That makes it hard to get a picture though because she doesn’t stay still she is jumping.

20070601_01905p We played dolls today too.  She really enjoys order even at less than 2 years old.  I find this amazing.  Everything has to be in a row or it just isn’t good enough.  You can surely tell she is part of her dad.  I don’t think I have a gene in my body that makes me organize things like this. 

20070601_02805p She than got the brilliant idea that the mouse could wear shoes.  My shoes were a little big, but it was cute.

20070601_03506p We went and got my oil changed in my car and got some groceries.  Here are my guys after we got back from that.  They look more alike than they will admit don’t they.  I think they look so alike, it is amazing.  I think Adam looks like his dad way more than his brothers do.  I think Andy (Adam’s twin) looks like their mom.

I am working on some guest posts which should be pretty good.  I missed my normal Blog Exchange post that I usually do.  I thought I had entered it, but I went back and I didn’t.  I guess it would be hard to write a post about “Fathers” for me, so I guess it is probably best that I don’t do this month anyways.  I am sort of looking forward to the more in-depth topics that hopefully will come in the next few months.   I hope they do a broad topic , so we can spin it in all the different ways and it becomes super interesting to read all the varieties posted.  I think all the bloggers in the blog exchange put a lot into there monthly post and really enjoy the program.

I am also still really liking this new version of Windows Live Writer that I got this morning and also the new updated version of WordPress for my site.  They both are working very smooth which is so so great.

Well, that is my day.  I am so looking forward to my day tomorrow with Jason, Missy, and there girl Haley.  I hope Haley and Kyra will play really good together.  I think they are pretty young though, so maybe they will and maybe they won’t.  I will take lots of pictures.  LOL..

Good Night…