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So, we made it to  my brothers house and the wedding.  It was nice.  I took a few pictures, I can’t load them here though.  It is so cold here though, I forgot about how cold it is up here.   Brrr…. my feet are going to freeze off, but I didn’t even bring socks.  I am wrapped up in 2 blankets.  My brother is laughing at us, I think.

The wedding was nice.  It is cool to see the whole family in one swoop.  We were going to go see my other grandma this morning, but we aren’t going to make it as she goes to church at 10.  We slept to long.  We will be gone when she gets back from church because when Stan is done with church is when we are leaving for home.

I have to laugh, I took a job yesterday for on the way here in Coudersport, well that is a little out of our way and changed our route trip, well…. Adam made it even further out of the way.  He got a little lost, I have to laugh though as he is mister maps and has all these printed things for where to go.  LOL…  We got there though, so it was cool.

Oh, the car DVD player worked.  We were watching Elmo’s World most of the way.  It was nice and now I am humming that song almost constantly.

Well, I am going back to visiting.  Have a great day.