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Today was pretty fun.  I wish most days went as smoothly as today did.  I took a lot of photos today which seems to make my days more fun for some strange reason. 

20070912_03312p I have this sub bus, which I absolutely hate.  It is a bad bus either, but I mostly don’t like it because it drives so different than my normal bus.  It is a gas bus with a huge hood.  My bus is a diesel with a tiny hood.  It takes corners like a tractor trailer and I over compensate which makes me look awkward when you see me coming at you.  My former tractor trailer driving skills are coming out of the closet in this thing.  My normal bus drives more like a car and I have learned to watch the rear end of it because it can turn so sharp that the back swings out into the other lane of traffic sometimes.  This bus, you constantly have to watch the hood.

That isn’t the worst part though.  The absolute reason why I hate this bus is because of the seat belt.  Yes, the seat belt.  It is annoying.  It is just a lap belt and it tightens on you with each bump.  I feel like I am glued to the seat and am loosing my ability to breathe when I have to unlatch it and start over fresh.  I did that about 8 times on my routes this afternoon.

20070912_03412p I guess at least it drives.  My bus is not driving.  My boss said that it wasn’t fully examined yet, but it is past warranty by a few months.  They are going to give a price estimate (I guess transmissions are pretty expensive.) and there is a chance that I will get a brand new bus from it costing so much.  I guess I really don’t care either way, the new busses are nice and I really do like this bus it isn’t that old, I am completely happy driving it around.  I never thought it would be breaking down on me.  Anyways…that is the update.

The good thing about this sub bus.  It has this awesome shelf for driver junk, which as you can guess.  I didn’t put any of my driver junk in it well because I don’t have driver junk.  I don’t carry much with me.  This shelf though is great spot for my camera.  Those landscape shots are of places on my route when I don’t have students on.  They turned out really nice, so I went ahead and let you see some fairly bigger size photos.  I love where I live, it is absolutely beautiful here and today was wonderful.

20070912_02512p The most asked question I get from people that see me in person is about how I put Kyra on the bus.  Well, here is that photo.  She is in her car seat just like in a car.  There is a seat belt in the front seat and that holds the car seat in.

20070912_03801p Here though is the picture of what you will likely see if you happen upon us coming down the road. She takes her nap on the bus every single day through 1/2 of my afternoon route, she wakes up almost like clockwork at the elementary school getting the kids.