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It went fluttering by very fast.  I woke a few minutes earlier than usual.  I was stinking..yes I admit it.  I took a shower early before Kyra got up and before I did too.  I got Kyra up for her first day back as my helper on the bus.  She did great as I expected her too.  She loves riding.

I learned that I might have an issue this year.  I drive by the park on my new route.  She screamed and shouted “Park, Park” everytime we went by it.  It is sort of funny, yet sort of annoying.  I told her I would take her to the park later each time.

We went to our diabetic training which was 2 hours this week.  Tom had Kyra during that.  They do all sorts of fun things.  We got back and Kyra was dead tired.  She was asleep before we got home.  I brought her in and put her on the couch.  I had an hour before my afternoon routes.  I entered the computer portion of my jobs that I did yesterday.  I finished that…it took the full hour to do though.

I did my afternoon routes.  There were no extra kids or anything.  I am going to get back substantially later this year than I did last year.  My new route is quite a bit longer than last year and my high school route I have to do the full thing even in the afternoon.  I only had to do about 1/2 last year in the afternoon because most students didn’t ride due to sports, but this year I have 6th graders that will probably always ride.  So, my high school is about 8 minutes longer and my elementary is probably 15 minutes longer than my old one.

I filled out some long over due paperwork for Stan when I got back, like I got him set up with the County Transportation Office in case of emergency and all that stuff.  I got his 90 day prescription refill service ordered.  A couple other small things.

My goats have been getting out, but neither me nor the lady that rents my pasture can figure out where, so we think it might be in the top of the gate where she is feeding the horses.  I went ahead and added a piece of electric fence there.  Hopefully it will keep them in.  Hope with me… I am at my last straw with them getting out.

 Stan had some prescriptions he needed filled, so we went to the pharmacy.  I took Kyra to the park as promised while we waited the hour for them to fill them.  We ended up at the park almost 2 hours though.  It was such a nice night and the park is such a fun place. 

20070816_03404pA funny thing about today…I didn’t take a single photo, not even 1.  That grasshopper was on my garage door a few weeks ago and I took to many that day to post it, isn’t it cute though? 

We came home and it was bed time.  I am catching up on here, but will be in bed soon.  Kyra went to bed easy…I knew she would.  That sleep is important when you have to wake up early.  LOL…

Good Night…