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I had a long talk with Nia last night. I didn’t know she was an English teacher for years.

She didn’t know that I took two years of grammar in college. I struggled to get those B’s let me tell you.

Yeah, we talked about my grammar here. She challenged me to find 3 sentences in a row that didn’t have any grammar errors in them. I didn’t take her challenger very seriously. I just had her point out my errors in my first post which at that time was Manic Monday.

It should be “I like mondays.” instead of my “I like Monday’s.” I know that I don’t own the Monday’s, but really I do. They are my Monday’s that and Monday is a proper point in time. How can this little monday be right. How crazy is this language that will let me be wrong.

She also didn’t like this sentence. “It is a relaxing nice area.” Now come on folks is that really that bad?? LOL….

So based on this challenge I am really feeling sucky at grammar, but maybe by this challenge you can see just how candid and uncensored this site really is. This is my life uncut and exactly from my mouth. This bad grammar is how I talk and how I live. You see me on here exactly how I am.

I like my science and technology way more than grammar. I even liked math more than grammar, however I figured out how to turn my math homework into my computer programming assignment too. Yes, in high school, I wrote a program for computer programming that would solve my complicated math equations. LOL… That turned math into a way more interesting class when my instructor said he would accept my answers from the program I wrote because that meant I understood all the complications of getting the answers. I did well in math and computer programming.

When I was in college for my computer classes. I was frequently asked the “How do I…..” questions from the professor. She gave me her instruction books and told me that she stopped here and I should start where it gets complicated for me, so I got A’s in those classes while doing the stuff I wanted to do. I had the cut copy paste junk that the actual class was learning mastered before walked in the door.

Those classes were the turning point for me with the professors. A few of the more grammatical professors had me in multiple classes. My grammar 101 teacher did a computer class with me. She hated me in grammar and her whole opinion of me changed in computer class.

I think this is what Nia sees in me too. I think I make up what she lacks and she has what I lack, so maybe this is a great friendship.