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Well, I am a victim.  I had a PR4, it dropped to a PR2 after I did a sponsored post about loans.  Today, though it dropped to a big fat 0.  I wonder why they are ticking so many web professionals off, it is really stupid.  I am still getting my 400 or so visitors a day though, I love you all.  LOL…

Google is also sending less search engine traffic this way as well and there stock prices are dropping.  It is the first time I think I have checked my stats and Windows Live is sending me more traffic than Google.  So go check them out for a search engine.  They seem pretty good actually…I have changed over now.  The url is just as easy to remember.

Here is another list of suggestions from Snoskred of services available that will get us less dependent on Google.  She fell victim too…well there are a whole lot of us.  It is really crazy.