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This is a crazy story, but honestly.  I am surprised that it doesn’t happen more often than it seems to.  I sort of expect some sort of complaint to go in on me when I write up a student.  It is just the nature of the job.

Here is how it goes though ultimately I think. 

  1. The kid misbehaves. 
  2. The driver does all that mess of paperwork to write them up so that corrective measures will be taken. 
  3. The kid misses recess or is off the bus for a couple days. 
  4. Either immediately or within a day or so the parent calls anyone and everyone that will listen and tells them what a jerk the driver is, this generally includes the school. 
  5. The parents concerns are basically dismissed because they are expected.
  6. Life goes on.

Now, if you really have a valid complaint about a driver.  I am not saying don’t complain, but if you want to really be listened too.  Consider doing the complaint before your child is in trouble and before your complaint is just part of the process.

If your kid is just in trouble on the other hand, consider that the driver is just doing his/her job.  It really is a hard job a lot of times and we don’t always see the initial issue that causes an issue.  It is sometimes 1/2 guessing.

Here is what not to do though, do not get on the bus and punch the driver.  This is just simply a bad example for everyone involved. 

There is a law in PA that says that parents aren’t allowed to step a single foot onto a bus.  It isn’t one of those low fines either, I believe it is something like $500.  So if this were PA, this lady would be charged with this offense as well.  My district has used this law in the past as well.  There are some really crazy stories you can get out of some of the other drivers.  I guess I have had mild kids.  LOL…

Here is the PDF. What do you think?