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Today was my 7th day at my job.  I think my boss has a warped view of how long I have actually worked there because I was there almost all of the time I was in my two week notice. I was studying these insurance tests though and not learning basically anything of my job.  If you count those days, this is like my 13th or `4th day there.

My days seem to be going quicker than they were last week.  I am learning things each day here, so getting so I can do more and more without help.  I still of course need my share of help.  This stuff is very complicated.

Kyra had a rough day today.  She didn’t use the potty at the babysitter’s today.  She instead peed her pants twice.  Now, Kyra is potty trained.  She just simply doesn’t do this.  She is past accidents for the most part and if she does have accident at home it is standing in front of the toilet unable to get her pants down.  We are going to try to leave the light on in the bathroom there tomorrow thinking maybe she wouldn’t go in there with it dark.

It is wonderful to go get her though.  I walk in the door to the big announcement “My Mom” sort of like “Woo Hoo”.  It is comical.  I wisk her away and home we go. 

We played blocks a long time tonight, she can do towers with her Legos now.  She really likes them. We ate super and that is pretty much it.  The evening goes so short.  We have mornings too though.  We play in the mornings too and get our showers.  It is a really different day dimension than it used to be.

Oh, yeah…I have to rename this site.  Do you have any good ideas for it??  I have a couple, but would love your input.

Have a great night.