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I have been stressing lately over my life as a whole.  I am done though with that.  I am a quick learn, you know…and not a stresser in general. 

I had a nice long heart-to-heart with Adam about us not being together anymore and we both agree that we aren’t going to be.  He was acting all weird because I have been meeting new people and going out.  He thinks I am going too fast, but it has been over 3 months since he left and way longer since we have been happy.   I just have to get on with my life.  I think he understands this now and everything is okay. 

Anyways, I was also have issues with Stan telling Adam everything I do. It isn’t like I am doing terrible things or anything. But, it should be my decision what things Adam knows about me and not Stan’s.  This is a strange situation to be in though as I also understand that I want Stan to talk to Adam.  I am also a pretty big part of Stan’s life as he does live with me, so to talk about himself it is hard to not talk about me. 

Well, that is where I am at… I think I have them both understanding and both sort of in agreement with what I am doing and saying.  We will see how the weeks to come go and I am not going to be stressed.

To relieve some of this stress though, I did my 2nd favorite thing.  Drove around taking random pictures of pretty scenery on a terribly hazy and sort of ugly day.  Here, what do you think??

20071017_00904p 20071017_01105p 20071017_01405p 20071017_01705p

20071017_02105p We also stopped at this dead end road that had a pen full of heifers at it.  It was dark by this point, so I have flash on, but the heifers were sort of coming at us.  Here is that photo…

I was going to go to the church park, but there was some sort of event going on there.  We just came home.

It was a rather nice day over all and one where I feel stuff was accomplished even though it was almost all mental things and very few physical things.

Have a great night….