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Today was the day my pig died.  I have thought she was going to be dead everytime I have gone out there for a few months.  She must not have been absorbing nutrients from her food because she looks like she has never been fed.  She just kept loosing more and more weight. 

Well, last night.  I through down a bale of hay for her to play in.  I think this is the only enjoyment she got in life ruffing up a new bale of hay into the perfect sleep hole. 

She has it all ruffed up.  She ate 1/2 of what I fed her last night.  She was outside dead though when I went out today.  Yeah, she didn’t even die in her perfectly pruned hay nest, she dies flat on her side outside in the pasture facing the barn.

I am sad, but not in the traditional sense.  I feel bad, but I am glad she is gone.  I think she was suffering here lately.  She was born in 1996, so 12 years is what a pot bellied pig lives.  She had a basically good life.  I owned her since she was the size of a grapefruit in your hands, she was over 100 lbs at her highest, now she is probably 40.  That is a guess of course.  I didn’t weigh her.

She is gone now though.