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It takes longer than I thought to get the childcare stuff all going.  I leave here about an hour before I have to actually be to work.  It takes that long to get Kyra to the substitute me for the day.  I am in a different office in the afternoon and it takes well over an hour to have retrieved her.

In the mean time, my dog has been cooped up for all this time.  I am now feeling sorry for him.  I think Stephen is going to stop and let him out everyday for a few minutes when he is home from work.  This is only like 2 hours before I get home though.

The crazy thing is that his dog is cooped up too, he was earlier than mine.  He just won’t be for the same length of time.  It is very crazy.

My job is going well though.  I think I am learning fast, but I generally learn fast anyways.  Kyra is doing exceptionally well.  Things are going well except where does the time go, this is the part that will take some getting used to by me.  Surprised that I am not behind on laundry and things like that.  It is taking all my computer time and I am not competent enough at work yet to have time to use that one.  Yes, I am competent at the computer, but not at the stuff I am working on to have time to stop that at the moment.