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I have decided to leave the Gack Network, so yesterday.  I took the logo off my sidebar and e-mailed them telling them I was leaving.  Of course, they want to know why, so I told them I haven’t had hardly any traffic from being in it. Which is the truth, less than 20 people came from there.

The lady responsible told me (not in a mean way, she was nice) the reason for not getting traffic was because my titles suck and I am marketing myself wrong.  That she couldn’t learn anything from a bus driver.  

The other one told me that I didn’t give it enough of a chance and that my monetization sucks. She was nice too. 

So, it is really easy to bow out of this one.

If you are thinking about joining a network.  You should know that the reason you do this is for credibility.  You are virtually not creditable at all unless you are in a network, so I have learned.  If you want to be a professional blogger, you should go ahead and join, join, join.

I personally think I will stay here with my sucky titles.