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Ok, so I am going to enter this random chance to win a thousand one bucks from over at  Yeah, my chances are pretty slim because I do see the number of entries already.  Wow…

So, I have to write about my Top 5, something.

Well, many of my readers don’t know this, but I used to sell on eBay full-time and this site actually started out as my “eBay Store” page.  So, after much thought…I have decided to tell you what I used way back when to sell on that site.  I was a high volume seller with random items that I got from estate auctions.  I ran up to 1600 auctions a month which you can imagine is a ton of work.

Why did I stop you ask??  Well because eBay raised there fees to the point they were making more money on my auctions than I was and that was my last day.  Yes, I quit cold turkey.

Well, onto the list…

  1. KAuction – This software was at the heart of my operation.  This helped me keep track of who paid, who hadn’t, who I left feedback for, who I hadn’t, who I shipped to, who I hadn’t, who I did not paying bidder warning, who was due one, etc.  This is an amazing piece of software.  That said I would not recommend it for someone planning on running like 10 auctions a month or something like that.  This is more my volume recommendation although maybe it could help those with few auctions.
  2. E-mage – This is a batch image processing program.  I used this program to process my images in batches of 50 at a time. 
  3. Image Optimizer – There were times when my E-mage setting would distort the details of my image, so in these instances.  I would load up the original in this Image Optimizer and then spot compress the images.  I do this sometimes still with this page.
  4. Incredimail – I am a huge Incredimail fan.  HUGE!  I have owned the paid for version of the program probably for 5 or 6 years.  I also own the letter creator that goes with this program.  I made a letterhead that had my ebay store logo on it and every e-mail that I sent to my eBay clients went on this letterhead.  I can’t count how many comments I got about this.
  5. Photo Software – I used probably 6 or 7 different photo programs while I was selling, so I am going to suggest the program that I currently use.  This is Breeze Browser.  Yeah, I never used Photoshop or the expensive programs.  My whole business was pretty shoestring budget wise.  I was making pretty good though for awhile, but I have bills to go with pretty good. 

As you can see 3 of my 5 are image programs.  Images are the very most important things when selling on eBay.  If you don’t have a good image, you will not get top dollar almost no matter what.  There are a few rare exceptions to this, but this is for the most part gold standard.

Well, wish me luck in my chances to win and I will wish you the best prices on your next sales.