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20070703_01406p I have cherry tomatoes that grow on my back patio every single year without me planting them.  They have been doing this for 3 years.  This year was no exception.  I had about 15 new plants growing.

In one big swoop, Adam strayed them with some weed killer though and they all died.  I was very upset back at that time and he promised not to spray that stuff so close to the house again.  I am all for organic everything, but I have a chemical loving husband. 

I also have a tendency to get poison ivy by walking outside, so he feels he is protecting me by keeping the poison down.  He probably is protecting me, I also believe.  I am now fighting my 3rd round of poison ivy this season.  I get it a few times every year.  It used to be way worse than it is now as the stuff used to be all over back by the barn.

Well, this little plant is growing on the other side of the patio, right where we always walk.  I have been promised it won’t be killed and now it is blossoming.  I am all excited.  LOL…  I know.  I am easy to excite.