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My life is sort of moving in fast forward for the time being.  I am trying to cram every possible thing that I can into a day.  I swear, I haven’t stopped moving since I got out of bed the other day when I went to bed so early.  I do stop though, I have watched probably 3 full movies in that time.  I am enjoying the time I am watching movies and stuff though, it all seems very different than it used to. 

Kyra hasn’t been here now for the days she spends with her dad.  I did get some cleaning done, but I did my Circuit City jobs yesterday.  I didn’t get home til it was time to go on my bus, so I was just running around. 

I ate dinner at Stephen’s which is always a treat.  Actually, Stephen cooked the dinner too.  We watched the movie Devil’s Rejects. Oh that part where they put the skin of the husband on the wife, sort of freaked me out.  That is nasty.  I didn’t dream about it though, so that is good.  I did laugh some during it which is sort of sad too, since they were slaughtering people.  Blah….

This morning has been a blur too.  I had some mystery shopping jobs to do.  I don’t talk much about mystery shopping here because it is supposed to be secret.  That is the idea anyways.  I must admit though that mystery shopping is helping to keep me afloat with finances.  I have been doing more of it than ever before.  If you see me out and about doing all sort of crazy things inquiring about things you don’t think I ever would inquire about, well…  You got it.  I am working.

I am an independent shopper as far as that goes.  I have been doing it for over 5 years and am registered with over 250 different shopping firms.  It takes a long while to get so you get good paying jobs if you want to be a mystery shopper.  You start out taking very low paying jobs and hard work jobs and work your way up to the more easy jobs. 

You also have to keep registering with different companies and searching for new jobs. (If you want to be independent.) There was one point where I had a goal of registering with a new company every day.  Yeah, I registered with at least one every day as faithful as blogging.  I did that for probably 5 or 6 months, now I can barely find a company that I don’t already have a profile with.

There are companies that will charge you to see lists of jobs that they consolidated from the various companies, but I find that the companies fill jobs with independent shoppers like me first before listing in these job lists, so those have the lower paying jobs generally or hard to complete jobs as well.

I wish I lived in a more urban areas sometimes because there are so many jobs available in some areas, it blows your mind.  I get a lot though for being out here in the rural area I am in. 

I probably do between 10 and 15 different shops a month with pay from the low end of $10 to the high end of $120 per job.  If it weren’t for this though, I would be bankrupt right now.

The sucky thing about mystery shopping though is you never know when you will get paid.  I just keep a log of who owes me money and check them off when I get paid.  There are some that faithfully pay every 2 weeks.  There are others that don’t pay for 6 months.  I have always gotten paid though within 6 months.  It averages about 6 weeks though, so I never expect this to be fast money.  For me though, I always have some owed me, so randomly get either paypal money or checks in the mail.  It all evens out, but the logging of the money is very important.

Anyways, this is what my life consists of.  I am juggling parenting, working 3 part-time jobs, job hunting, blogging, dating, and daily functions all with a 24 hour time limit. 

It is taking away from my reading time, but hey all you Manic Monday participants.  I do have you in my “To Be Read” plug in, so even though it is Friday.  I will eventually get to reading  your sites.  I just emptied my reader of feeds, but my commenting seems to be less.  I am still around though.

Well, I am off to go play ball with my dog another of my guilty pleasures.  LOL…