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I woke up this morning with the strange notion of not getting dressed all day long.  Yeah, I am a bit bizarre. I also wasn’t going to go any where all day.

Well, I couldn’t stay in my underwear all day.  Good thing I didn’t either….I seemed to be a guest magnet today.  LOL…

I did stay in my underwear until a little after noon though.  It was nice, so if you drove by and looked in the windows.  Yeah, that is what you were seeing.  Hope you aren’t blind!

It was about noon when Deuce grabbed ahold of the Boyd Bear I bought for Robin yesterday.  Well, I decided to just take it down to her, that way I wouldn’t have to worry with it.  She will like it and can put it in her collection early, no issues. 

I stayed down there talking with her about 30 minutes.  I came up, changed out the water in the barn with the pig and attempted to be nice to her while she was as cranky as ever.  She is the most miserable animal on the face of the earth.  I swear. 

We were walking back from the barn and Barb pulled in with little Asheley.  Aaaawwww!  How wonderful.  It was great. 

The bad thing is she had her dog, which he is a good dog.  I don’t know why, but he tore into my poor Deuce.  We had a bit of a dog fight there. Deuce was not the aggressive one.  He is a pansy.  I think the initial reaction from Deuce was something like what is happening here???   Deuce bit him back though, so that was good. Good might not be the word I want there.  I am just glad that he defended himself, I guess.  I am betting that he would defend me as well really.  He loves me.  I wondered if he even had any bite to him prior. 

The end of the dog fight.  Her dog has a bloody leg and Deuce has a big goose on the top of his head.  Now, this fight lasted all of what 30 seconds.  We were pulling them apart.  I was very surprised though that it happened.  Her dog has been through full obedience training and all that without any issues and Deuce, like I said.  He is a pansy.

Deuce was with Roxy all weekend too, which is my brothers dog.  Daisy from next door and Deuce get along perfectly. Who knows though??

Well, we cleaned off Barb’s dog and I got to visit with them a bit.  It was a good visit. Asheley was very entertained by my treadmill.  It was pretty comical seeing her skinny little body running and not keeping up at the 10 mph speed.  She kept slowing it down.

Kyra and I finally cooked some deer burgers in honor of all the guys going hunting tomorrow.  They were very good though.  I hope all the guys I know hunting get their deer on the first day.    Stephen took off work all next week, so it would be cool if he got his the first day.  He doesn’t work for the whole week next week.  I would probably go missing on here.  LOL…  Now you know that is a lie don’t you??

Well, tonight.  I am going to bed early.  I am hoping that by doing so, it will get this cold completely out of my system.  Have a great night, good luck to you if you are a deer hunter going to opening day tomorrow.