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It was a rather boring day, but sort of exciting at the same time.  We didn’t go anywhere which is the boring part.  We stayed home though Kyra took her nap like normal she fell asleep in my arms on the couch.  She looked so cute, I just held her there.  I just sat there and bam, I fell asleep too.  I bet we were so cute.  We both were sleeping on the couch there. 

Well, all of a sudden “BAM“.  It was an instant lightening storm and I jumped to wide awake.

It down poured for a little bit.  It turned out really nice though, so we went outside and fed the goats and I got started at weeding my peas.  I hadn’t weeded them at all so the weeds were quite high.  I am a sorry gardener.  LOL..

I finished my little 10×10 pea garden and was so muddy.  We came in and Kyra and I got in the shower.  We watched some Law and Order reruns from TiVo, sang the ABC’s a few times through, and Kyra went to bed.

Now here I am….well rested from my nap.  I feel great and it is past my bedtime.  LOL… 

I have some pictures of it raining, but they aren’t off the camera yet and I gave picture overload yesterday.  Today is a day off from pictures.  I’ll post them tomorrow if they turned out.  Night…