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Adam is stuck at work today because one of the other employees quit yesterday without notice.Well, this is my announcement, we need him around here too. I just about left to get my school bus kids an hour early. He would have caught that before I got Kyra in the bus strapped down. I hooked up the stupid dishwasher thing that I hate hooking up…Well of course it splashed hot water all over the place which is why I hate hooking it up. We need Adam…..

Oh and for the record, it takes 3 days without him for me to start thinking I desperately need to clean things up. I did dishes, ran the vacuum, all sorts of fun things that he would have done like 2 days ago. I sometimes wish I were a nuts as him, but I realize I am. I just take longer to get there.

On a new note: Kyra finished swimming lessons. I think she will really improve though while we keep going swimming. There 2 week course is sort of rigid. It should be set up differently, but oh well.

Kyra is now officially 15 months old. She is really working on talking and says things only she understands all the time. She thinks things are terribly funny, everything that is. This all is sort of fun for me though. She is always smiling, laughing, and dancing. Oh and she can dance… she turns on the clock radio via the sleep button and just dances and dances. It is pretty fun.

Well, it is almost time for me to really leave. Bye…