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I got my new card reader, it is just that USB kind.  It is messed up though because I thought I would plug it into the back and put it up on my desk where I can see it better.  The USB that they provide is like 8 inches long, so I can barely see it even plugged into the front of my computer.  That sucks…so I have to go get a longer cable or hunt for one.

20071013_01504p Here are my photos from the party Saturday night.  I am not showing the people ones because I don’t have permission of course.  This first one is the highlight of any party next door.  This is a kettle of soup, it was ham and bean this time.  Yum, Yum… you can feed me this anytime.

20071013_01605p Here is the birthday cake.  Yeah, there was a real purpose to this get together.  It was for not 1, but 3 Forty-th Birthdays.

20071013_01805p Here is the bon fire that was set off.  The really cool thing about this fire is it was started with the tree that had fallen down in my pasture.  Yes, there are no more dead trees laying in the pasture, so that rocks.

20071013_01109a Here is one of Kyra tied to the dog chain.  She seems to enjoy doing laps like this and is constantly requesting to be tied, so there is no forcing here. 

20071013_00907a Here is her again, but with the treadmill this time.  She still just goes crazy with this treadmill. 

There you go, that is all that I really have now.  The fall color shots didn’t turn out very good sort of blurry, so I have to go take them again.  I think this weekend will be pretty.