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I am trying to be a better community member and spread some links around lately. I came up with an idea…watch out. I know…

Anyways, I am going to start a new category called “Blogger of the Day” where in this category. I am every morning going to just put one link, a simple one link post. I am going to post it every morning though at 5:30 my time. I will have it scheduled ahead of time of course.

I will choose the link randomly from all the sites that I read around everywhere. It will be a mix of my older favorites and brand new sites that I have never read before. I will try to keep the BOTD as a G rated site because of the little ones that read this page. I can’t guarantee this though as may not have read every post or comment on the sites.

What I am asking is that maybe you do the same on your site. Probably not as I am doing it a single post, but maybe finish your regular post with something like “BOTD – Whatever the link is here” and that is all. If you do participate, I am going to set up a Blog of the Day participants page here and a link to you will be in there with a description of your site provided by you.

Ok, so now what do you think of this idea?? Are you blown away by my actual thinking?? LOL…

Update: I have went ahead and got the code ready so you can add the site of the day to your page, like on your sidebar. Here is that post.