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20070807_00311a Here is the before photo.

20070807_01012p Here is the after photo.

Doesn’t that look better!  It is actually quite amazing that a few tons of rocks can do this change.  It makes the whole thing look better.

We woke up this morning though late again.  Oh, I am loving this darkness.  I still have 22 days til school, so no rush to start waking up early.

We went to our diabetic training course.  It was the saddest of the courses the lady said, but I found it quite interesting.  It was about all the complications of diabetes.  I learned that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people under 70, who would have known that.  It also makes me feel good that Stan is now controlling his sugar levels so well.  I don’t know if it is right, but I take most of the credit for this.  He really isn’t cheating and he is getting more healthier and I like that.

20070807_00611a We came back and that is when the gravel came.  It is very interesting to watch them deliver it.  I was mesmerized.  This driver has been delivering gravel for over 20 years he said.

20070807_00711a It all happened so quickly.  The before up there and the after were only a few minutes apart in time.

There was another bonus.  He not only did my car driveway, but the main reason he came was to do my bus parking spot.  It always gets muddy because I have had to cut into a small portion of my yard as to not hit my pole with my bus.  It keeps getting muddier and muddier with each passing year.  That has all ended as of today.

20070807_00812p Oh, the added bonus.  Yeah let me tell you that.  This tree branch.  It wasn’t low enough for me to reach it with my saw, but it wasn’t high enough to completely miss my bus.  It was rather an annoyance.  I used to sit with all but my feet out my bus windows trimming the smaller branches growing from this darn big thing, so it wouldn’t scrape the top of my bus.

20070807_00912p The dump truck took it out for me.  I got to put it on the burn pile.  It was all rather enjoyable, I was smiling.  Plus the no mud from bus…it is way too cool.

This gravel was my back to school gift from Tom and Shirley.  He does stuff like this and it is impossible to say no.  I mean it is all ordered and scheduled and he says…they are bringing gravel on Tuesday.  I’ll be over. 

He knew I wanted to get this done, but haven’t really had the money and now with all this craziness.  I really don’t.  The gravel is such a cool gift though.  What can I give back in exchange??  It is impossible.  I have such wonderful friends that is all that I can say. 

I know I am going to make it just fine here, who could move away from these people??  I have about the best neighbors in the world and the best town and the best about everything.

We did a lot of swimming in the 6 inch pool and Stephanie and Kyra were playing together again.  Kyra was at there house and Stephanie was dressing her in all her shirts, like they were dresses and putting little ropes around her waist.  She was looking so cute in some of them as she came up to model for us.  She would run back all excited for the next one.  It was too cute.

Kyra was good and worn out and came home and went almost straight to sleep.  No staying up til midnight tonight and no Barney even.  Those nights don’t seem to happen that often lately.  I think I may even watch some TV before bed tonight.  I usually am watching Barney or Sesame Street at this time.  Good Night…