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Today, was a good day. 

I felt sorry for Adam most of the day.  He got like no sleep at all and managed to be pretty personable today. Kyra got him up at 4:30 in the morning.  She doesn’t want me, so I get to sleep.  She is sick of me when he is home, I am sure.  She didn’t take a nap today on top of this, so he is doubled out. 

There is a picture of Adam in his shorts.  It isn’t cold in our house, because so he wears shorts pretty much all year in here.  We sort of have a deal that if he is going to run the AC in the summer,  I am going to run the heat in the winter. (I am cold natured and he is hot natured.) 

Finley moved to his new home down the road.  Yes, that was very easy.  I asked the owners of Finley’s dad if they would want to raise him and they said they would love too.  The lady there loved Asheley when she was visiting for the month in September, I think it was.  She is so sad with me about the loss. 

Anyways, she is taking Finley.  I delivered him at 2 today.  They aren’t going to keep him forever, but he has a good chance of making it longer than if we sent him to market.  He will grow and father babies there though…he won’t stay though because well..most goat people don’t keep billy goats that long and because he has several sisters at this farm, so his breeding use is limited.  His dad is no longer there even, last season was his last breeding at this farm.

Here is a picture of the twins. They are in the big pen now, so moved up.  Or I guess it would actually be called the little pen depending how you look at it.  When babies are born in our barn we just let them be born loose in there… the pen has a door that goes outside to an acre pasture.  There is only one pen.

The twins are growing so nice and are so cute.  I get to concentrate on spoiling this little girl now.

Here is a picture that isn’t so great, but probably not seen all that often.  Yeah, that is the pig “Barbeque” she is so ugly and to have that cute little goat beside her.  LOL….

Our pig is now 10 years old.  That is hard for me to believe. She was the size of a grapefruit when I got her as a baby.  She was so cute.  I used to walk her in the yard with a little neon pink harness.  She grew into this miserable creature though that hates about everything.  She is the most antisocial ever.  She just wants to sleep, eat, and hunt for worms outside, but mostly sleep.

We were on our way to feed the goats and take those pictures of the babies when I took this.

Today it snowed a little here.  I was amazed that the weather man was actually right.  Well, Kyra hates walking in snow… see how far she made it before asking to be picked up.  LOL Silly girl.

It wasn’t cold out really though, which was the cool thing.  It has been way colder last week when it wasn’t snowing. I wonder if this teenie tiny bit of snow will cause a delay of school tomorrow.  I won’t be surprised really.

Kyra was messing around the treadmill again today.  She is so close to the camera resting spot when she is doing this.  It is hard for me to resist taking some shots. She is a little gymnastic on this bar. 

Than my last shot is of Kyra jumping on me.  Kyra turned out a little blurry, but that is motion blur, she is really jumping. 

All in all, it was a pretty nice day.  I think this should be a great week too.  I don’t really have a reason why I think this though, so I guess we will see.  I am going to start it off right by getting enough sleep tonight.