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I will just show the work done today in this post and then make a new post with my final kitchen pictures. Woo Hoo….do a little dance with me, come on…get off that chair.

Here is the caulking they put above the rocks, but under the cabinets.

Here is the lip they put in my food closet. My canned foods line up on that shelf and lean back, so you can see the full selection. It looks pretty nice when full. (Sawdust is gone now and cans are in.)

The final project for today was my favorite. I had this counter top added to the wall as a eat at counter. My room is fairly long and fairly narrow…yes there are people with way narrower spaces with tables, but I like my space. There is now room to dance in here with my little Kyra in here and not hit the table. Woo Hoo…