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Are you sick of me making new posts yet?  LOL…  If you look into my archives from like last year.  You will see that everytime I posted a new image it was in a new post.  I used to use the software Picasa for my posting and it only let you do one per post.  So this would have been 3 posts then…

Here are 3 more pictures from my walk today. The first one was taken from a real low angle looking up a really grassy hill.  The second one is just our pretty views.  This 3rd one is of someone’s tree in there yard.  I don’t know the people on the road where we walk, but this tree was just so pretty.

My afternoon route went pretty smoothly except this one boy.  He got bumped nothing major and just accidental.  He started crying and crying…  The other kids were picking on him calling him a sissy which sucks.  The truth though is this boy is like the most sensitive kid on earth and crys at the slightest little thing.  I told the other kids to stop picking on him and that he was just ultra sensitive.  The other kids then told him I was calling him a sissy….aaaaahhhhhh.  He cried all the way to his house.  I don’t mean a few tears he looked awful when he got off the bus like he had just been beaten or something.  What do you do though??

My evening is going uneventful like I like it.  I am going to make it to bed early tonight.