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Looking UpNew SnowAren't I cool? Here is my day. We went grocery shopping this morning. We did pretty good. We got $200 in groceries, but only spent $100 after all the discounts and $50 gift certificate. That isn’t so bad for us. We haven’t been in quite awhile.

We came home just as snow started to fall. I will unofficially call this our first snow of the year. (I think it snowed before, but like a night.) This is “real” snow viewable by the naked eye. LOL… This is definitely the first snow Kyra has seen this year and I don’t think she remembers it from last year, but who knows what little ones remember. I don’t want to guess.

She is so smart…

Next came the football games. Saints lost….blah.

Now the score is tied on the Colts game…come on Colts you can do it.

Kyra is struggling to stay awake. She likes being awake with her dad, but she should know by now that 6 o’clock comes early and we are better off going to bed earlier. It makes the next day go smoother.

Well, that is it for me. Bye…