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I finally got my hair cut. Woo Hoo… I hate when my hair goes down past my eyes.

There is a little snow here today. It is the last gasp of winter. We actually shoveled this time even though it will be melted by next week. This snow doesn’t have that hard icy top like the Valentine’s Day snow had, so Kyra doesn’t seem afraid of it. Well, Kyra isn’t afraid of it. Which is good.

She was helping us shovel. LOL…

Remember the picture of Kyra a few weeks ago, only taking one step and than wanting carried? Well, today… she takes off right through the snow. She made it probably 20 feet in before she wanted picked up.

This snow caused school to be canceled today though, so I got quite a bit done over at BTI while I would have been driving. I like it so much better that they just cancel versus that stupid 2 hour delay.

So the roads are all clear now though, so school will more than likely go as normal tomorrow and probably the rest of the school year. Today was our last reminder of winter I think for the year. I took quite a few deep breathes of that nice chilly air. Yeah, I sort of like winter. I admit. I would much rather it cold out and me able to hide in my house. The opposite being dead heat of summer and my air conditioning only mildly working and I sweating like a pig. I take winter any day over that…my heaters work so nicely.

Well, that is today…don’t you like my new hair cut. It feels so nice not to be flicking my hair back already.